I actually know several people who don’t ever watch films that are subtitled….so I’m referring to foreign films etc.

This really really shocked me to my core.
Of all the films I watch, 60% of them are foreign.
Even if I’m watching an English speaking film, I will turn on the subtitles. every bit helps, when you have dyslexia.

It’s a bit like only focusing on only males. You are missing 50% of the population.

or…..only eating ‘French fries’. You are missing out on a lot of food that is delicious.
Yes. I knew someone who only ate McDonald’s French fries !!!


So yes…..I’m a big ‘foreign film’ fan. It takes me to places that I would love to travel to but cannot afford.


12 thoughts on “Subtitles…

  1. I watched the Netflix series “Dark”. It is in German, but English audio was available. I started watching it in English with English subtitles, and noticed tons of differences between the audio and the text. I read an article that recommended to watch it in German with English subtitles, it was much better. Because of the tones of the voices.
    Another favorite, Ameile, is in French,, but with english subtitles. Excellent movie. Same director, “City Of Lost Children”, I refused to watch until I had a copy in French with English subtitles. All I could find was dubbed-in English.
    I like subtitles, sometimes the audio isn’t very good, or my ears are going bad..

  2. I also watch around 60% foreign. I rarely find people to talk to about films, so it is a very personal enjoyment for me. Like you, too, I really like to read the subtitles- it makes the script crackle to life for me and makes it a more literary experience for me, in a way. I try to find books of some of my favourite scripts, as well, but those are not often easy to find.

    Many are missing out on some incredible art, and cultural experience, by overlooking a vast amount of world cinema…I vehemently agree.

  3. Oh me too! I was watching a English and French film just last night and I had my glasses, wine and popcorn. It is quite a treat for me too! 😀 LOL ❤

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