Hyper normality = Hyper obesity

In Australia 1 in 3 people are now obese.

We’re around 25th in the world, just behind the USA.
Tonga is number one with 3 in 4 people being obese. I’m rather sad for their community.

….my state: South Australia, is the fattest state in Australia.

I’m both embarrassed and ashamed.

The thing i’ve noticed is: the more common the obese thing is, the more it is ‘normalized’…

…people just accept it just because so many people are overweight! So it becomes OK.

It reminds me of Germany 1939. Nazism had become the ‘norm’, so people just accepted it (well, the majority did).

Because of it being ‘normal’ here, more and more people are getting fatter.


22 thoughts on “Hyper normality = Hyper obesity

  1. People can be healthy at any weight. It is indeed a shame that being obese is accepted as “normal,” and anyone who tries to say otherwise is accused of being “harsh” and “judgmental.”

    It is what it is, sad to say.

  2. It has become normalized, and it is an enormous burden on the health care system. There are so many factors that contribute to the problem, but the big ones, like farm subsidies for example, are rarely discussed. Subsidies for sugar production? (US resident.) Subsidies are a political nightmare. So instead we fund an incredibly lucrative and idiotic weight-loss industry when weight management simply boils down to knowing basic arithmetic and what a calorie is. Though this is the United States, so that knowledge is not a given.

    1. Very well said. Yes. I’ve heard of the subsidies. Both sugar & farm. The government here want to put a tax on soda drinks (high in sugar). Not sure if it will help though.

  3. I think that the only thing that will help, will be if we counter this feeling that it is normal to be overweight. It is the big problem of the post0-scarcity world – how do we deal with excess ?

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