empathy fatigue

just the other day I was walking down our city mall, behind two black women.
I think they were Sudanese, but not sure…

suddenly a white man pushed aside one of the women, so that she literally turned 180 degrees, facing me !!!!

it really shocked me to my core.

the woman who was pushed said (to her friend): “OMG did that just happen?”.
she was able to laugh it off, (sort of), mostly because the behaviour was so bizarre.

globalisation does have it’s benefits, as to does the internet…but there is also a downside to these things that play such a significant part of our lives whether we like it or not.

Empathy fatigue

fom Mr. Google:

Empathy fatigue results from a state of psychological, emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and occupational exhaustion that occurs as the counselors’ own wounds are continually revisited by their clients’ life stories of chronic illness, disability, trauma, grief and loss.

it seems like there is just another terrorist attack, then another…etc.

I’m still freaked out about the Machete Attack in London On the afternoon of 22 May 2013. they had to use DNA to confirm his identity, because his injuries were so severe.


since then I’m trying to keep up with the latest attack.
I think it fair to say that all of us suffer from empathy fatigue at some time in our lives…but it must be so very much worse for the friends and families! I just can’t imagine it.


9 thoughts on “empathy fatigue

      1. Fits in with the concepts of Future Shock( Alvin Toffler described it as a personal perception of “too much change in too short a period of time”) and Mass Media -Information Overload . We are exposed to so much information through multiple channels that our social cultural environment is in constant flux. As a consequence, we our psychological & physical well being is in stress mode as we try to adapt. One coping mechanism is to go emotionally numb and put up a Wall to avoid confronting change. Another method is to treat those you view as examples/emblems of unwanted change as objects and knock into them and send them spinning 180 degrees.

        Hostility, fear, emotional fatigue, and a demand to rapidly accommodate change or a intense/extreme desire for a return to an idealized state of stability are all elements Future Shock.

        America’s present choice of President and the extreme social divide that it has highlighted is symptom of Future Shock.

  1. To be confronted every day with news like such as attacks /violence seems to lower are own values. We start to adapt it as what belongs to our world and move on. And with that we most certainly loose are empathy. Besides the fact todays society is more about me, myself and I than about others. Putting my two pennies in for what it is worth.

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