5 thoughts on “sea

  1. G
    Everyday you wake up and move forward is a chance for motivation. I certainly understand, it makes me so embraced that me memory isn’t right and my spelling is bad. I look to you as a Survivor, you’ve walked thru the shit until the sunshine peaked in. Life isn’t roses and making love, no matter how much we want!!!!! HAHA
    Any photo you post is motivation for me. We talked about this, others may not be anywhere close to get past the trauma. You have learned to move forward and take control of your life. The past isn’t erased, I would sure erase some of mine. It’s our past, maybe it’s good we have our past and not another. You are a winner, you put a foot in front of a foot everyday. It wasn’t long ago I could say that.
    Huge Hugs
    Your on the team, your presence on a regular basis helps more people than by yourself. You know I respect you, don’t take our friendship for grated, the icing is we work together to help more people.

  2. I love the textures almost looks like a field of grasses….🤓but that’s me in land locked Alberta 😀 happy day to you Gavin smiles over the pond! 😊

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