The Exploding Woman

The other day, at the library, I was sitting next to a Muslim woman.

We were both busy with our own stuff on the computer….when I started to get anxious…

…It was then I realized I was imagining that the woman was about to explode!

The anxiety got worse, even though I knew I was being totally irrational.

It was a good example of just how much media/news can effect our lives.

I laugh about it now….and think how odd that one can believe that someone is about to explode.


19 thoughts on “The Exploding Woman

  1. I had read somewhere TV shows either the best or worst of an issue. And we mistake it for the reality and never consider the lives that falls in between the extremes of this spectrum. It can cloud out judgement and perspective. It takes a lot of conscious effort to to be unaffected by the media.
    Liked you post 🙂

  2. Oh yes I believe we can feel the energy of another. I know what you mean though. My mind tends to do this too. I love that you realized the thought was irrational and didn’t run out of the building. I think my girl would have. She used to be afraid of woman with their faces covered. It’s scary to a little kid since she never saw this before. Happy week to you Gavin ❤️❤️❤️

  3. G
    The media is like feeding propaganda to our own people. Maybe I’m naive but I thought at one time a newsperson was the story teller. They were there covering a story and send news home. That may be true in some cases, it’s when the news gets back to station the show begins. Even our local news uses teasers to make you think one thing, go to commercial and teaser not even related, I can’t watch news, I end up yelling and cursing a TV.
    Good point. Our government is the guiltiest of all.
    Did you get my error fixed on the photo not showing. One screen looked normal, another no photo. So excited jumped the gun.
    Huge hugs my dear friend.

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