I watched this film last night on blu-ray, and it blew my socks off.
it’s done completely in black & white, and done extremely well.

the cinema photography is amazing !

it’s quite a disturbing film, but also rather abstract, much like in the vein of David Lynch films…

…one isn’t really sure what’s really going on.

the film is set in this amazing old house in New York. the house is exquisitely maintained and appointed. the film also has a ‘timeless’ quality about it too.



once again there is a warming…..this film is rather disturbing.


8 thoughts on “darling

      1. Noir films today are so much more intense than back in the day. I think of the original Psycho. And then I think of the modern day ones like A Kind of Murder or this one here. Granted, I adore the originals so much, but the modern ones have that thing that seems to be missing from those originals. I fumble! Hard to explain. 😉

        thanks for sharing this!

      2. i completely understand what you mean.
        Psyco is one of the best films ever made.

        somehow, i think that era cannot be captured in today’s films.

  1. Hmmm….psychological horror done well, as in Hitchcock’s Psycho, works for me, I shall have to find this film and see if I agree with you, Gavin!

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