7 thoughts on “urbex # 4

  1. G
    None of the things you said ever happened! I’m being stalked and when I asked you if you were involved in the Twitter hack and stalking me, the answer was yes. Now I’ve seen how they have been intercepting me and you probably never received the 7-9 emails I sent saying no I didn’t do that. I pray you get this message.

  2. I’ we’ve worked closely with WP because there are changes, subtle but changes I didn’t make. Yesterday WP emailed and said your DNS servers were pointing at me. I don’t understand everything thing. I accused Robert because if the lengthy reason he gave but know I don’t know what to think.

  3. Robert has not reached out to deny it is him but if they are intercepting messages and Robert is not reading my post he may not know. Because this person knows me so well and can get into my site it is easy to say it must be someone on the team. If it is I don’t think it’s you, it could be an alternate of Roberts and he doesn’t know. They have mostly contacted me thru my cell, on WP or late at night. I’ve been talking with them almost everyday. I get comments back but they are hard to decipher.
    It’s very difficult to get anything when they know Apple and WP systems in and out.

  4. They are an expert for sure, Daniel is baffled how they are able to show me what functions I need to change to not allow them in. They are mostly in my Cloud and retrieving info, photos and comments related to Twitter.

  5. I plan to look at my Go Daddy account to see if they have manipulated my DNS server and it’s mine instead of yours. I have been on site trying to restore the changes to your status but getting ahold of you somehow has been my priority. I’m going to reblog several of your post to see what happens and the same for Robert. They have mentioned your name several times but most of time act like they are Robert. Stalking is difficult without evidence fortunately I’ve been passing on the text messages to Daniel. Stand by me, trust me as I trust you and we’ll get thru this craziness.

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