I got a message today saying Melinda has accused me of hacking her on Twitter.

I don’t have a Twitter account !!!!!!

….or a Facebook account for that matter.

The only thing I said was: “I was hacked, about a year ago, on WordPress, by someone I know, here in Adelaide”.

I was a contributer at the survivors blog, and the posts are still there.


This is completely bizarre !!!!!! I don’t even know how to hack another person online… Nor would I ever want to.


5 thoughts on “Accused…

  1. Reblogged this on Survivors Blog Here and commented:
    Most crushing was the mental damage the Hacker did to people I care about to hurt me. I wouldn’t know where to start Hacking someone, the target was me, it’s someone I know and they were able to manipulated and speck for Gavin and another Contributor. Gavin I did not remove from the group or delete you, I’ve tried to reply to every comment, they were intercepted. I broke free of their grip a few days ago and cleaning up the damage to site and most important the pain caused to the people I care for the most.
    Gavin I’ve sent two emails from a secure computer and have not hear back, please make contact with me to mend the pain in both our hearts.
    Xx M

  2. Gavin
    I have tried to reach you from day one, all my communication was intercepted and manipulated on WordPress. I would never hurt you, I was devastated by the damage and pain they caused the people I care for. Please contact me. I’ve sent two emails from a secure computer in the last week and have not heard from you. Please don’t throw our friendship and the trust we have for each other away. We can work thru the pain and Survive again. I’ve reblogged to Survivors with an longer explanation. Don’t shut me out.
    You are restored, I don’t know how to attach your previous post, WP system is not my strength.
    Xx M

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