I had a dream…

Last night I had a most unusual dream.

I was friends with someone who was into ‘high fashion‘, and he would take me to these places that have very expensive clothes. He would take me to these stores and he would buy stuff. there was a big rush at the store, and we had to squish up. he also did a lot of shoplifting, which was so strange.

I couldn’t afford anything, and i couldn’t find anything i liked.

At the end of the dream one of the staff said to me: “the clothes you wear are worth no more than the dumpsters you photograph.” 




8 thoughts on “I had a dream…

  1. Interesting dream. It says to me that no material thing has any intrinsic value, value is eloted by society and what the merchants say is valuable.
    Also, your dream could be saying the clothes are metaphoric for a mask, and of course a mask is not who we are just as the dumpster is simply a container being used to dump garbage, however, the metal could be used for other purposes and perhaps it was before it was welded into a dumpster.

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