happy Halloween to all on WP

Halloween is slowly becoming more popular here in Australia.

I watched this film on blu-ray the other night, and was highly impressed by it….even the music was brilliant.
the film is extremely ‘well paced’ so one has an opportunity to get that slow build up of horror and excitement.

there is no ‘blood and guts’ in this film which makes it even better, because it doesn’t need blood and guts to make it scary.

I also felt this film had a ‘Japanese feel’, in that it was a bit like The Ring series of films. I also particularly liked the images of Detroit, with the abandoned houses.

…anyhow, this film is highly recommended by me for Halloween, if you are up for a scary movie. I give it: 9.5 out of 10.

written and directed by David Robert Mitchell and music by: Disasterpeace (Richard Vreeland)





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