21st century film & TV

there are two things I really dislike in film and TV…

  1. ‘hand-held-camera’ films.

  2. the over-use of music in films and TV.

I was watching the original ‘the thin red line’ last night and the music was not only overwhelming, but very annoying and distracting.


the film had potential, but was so un-realistic, it distracted from the story. the 1998 version is brilliant.

music can be both a powerful and enhancing part of films. sometimes the movie soundtrack can be just as good as the film. there are many instances where I’ve had a copy of the soundtrack before I see the film.

this 007 movie was one of the worst movies I’ve seen with an ‘over-use’ of music.


one of the wost ‘hand-held’ films I’ve seen is REC.

and it was such a pitty, as this film was really good, otherwise.


6 responses to “21st century film & TV

  1. I find theatres to be sensory overload with sound and size of images…I rarely go but when I do I sit in the back row ☺️ and I’m not fond of shaking images either…I like Netflix at home best…have a fun day Gavin!.

  2. I have not seen either film but I know precisely what you mean by an over-use of music. And shaky film-work is exceedingly distracting. I will check these films out, have not seen either one. All the best,

    Autumn Jade

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