The Leftovers

this series is amazing.

it’s about a mass exodus of people all over the world…they just disappear!

What happens after they disappear is what’s so good about the series.
If you like psycology and or personal growth…the human mind/human condition you will love this series.

The series is about loss and grief…and how people cope/not cope with loss/grief.

A cult forms to remind people of their loss, which is both painful and upsetting.

What if find so compelling about the series is: they ask the same question, over and over and over and over and over…but asking it I different ways.

This really is so difficult to face for the characters, but also for the viewers.
I have only one person that I am close too, (non-family), so I would be relatively ok with that loss.

I’m not sure I would cope with other people going crazy with grief though.
This series also faces metal illness HEAD ON! Which is both welcome and confronting.

Looking forward to season three. sedge808.

the leftovers

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