The Accidental Tourist

The Accidental Tourist

this film came out in 1988, and I went to see it at the movies.
it was nominated for four Academy Awards. Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress – Geena Davis.

it had a HUGE impact on me because the character played by William Hurt (Macon Leary) had something I wanted.

most of my adult life I’ve been at the effect of others.
co-dependency has been my lot for most of my life.

in this film, he is self-referenced and calm.
this is what I’ve wanted all my life.
I’ve seen the film over ten times, as I love it so much.

Macon Leary’s son dies suddenly, and Macon finds it very difficult to express his grief…so much so that it effects his marriage.
even his dog ‘Edward’ is effected by the dysfunctional nature of Macon’s life, that he starts to bite people visiting the house…

anyway…things are much better for me these days, in terms of my co-dependency, and I’m much more internally referenced 🙂


7 responses to “The Accidental Tourist

  1. Glad you have derived some benefit from seeing some of your own life mirrored in another. Many people just do not recognise themselves in anything.

  2. Great film. I rather love it for the very same reasons and have seen it more than ten times, as well- was just thinking about seeing it again, actually! It is a cathartic one for me, too, and I love the rainy, dreary scenes throughout the film. So glad you are doing better with the co-dependency. So am I. Great post.

    All the best,

    Autumn Jade

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