13 responses to “night house (north adelaide)

  1. Wait until you are 60 (like I am), you might want to live in a mobile home and drive all the way from the north of Germany to Bluff, NZ. Or the other way round. But that is my dream (of a mentally 19 years old) only. I think. 🙂 And this is odd. LOL!

  2. but a wonderful mood you have created in this!! Isn’t it funny how we change- I’d be happy in a small cottage now! I’ve given up the idea of a villa on the via appia!! 😀

  3. I’am 65 and now I dream to live in a tiny-house. But in France it’s an other way to do that 😉
    When I was young I always want to live in a house with old stones, green shutters and a garden with flowers. 🙂
    A beautiful picture

  4. We used to have a huge house and I used to like it. Now we are in a much smaller house. I guess it’s tiny for this area (1600 sq ft) and I love it! It’s my most favorite place I’ve ever lived. Perhaps when we get older we realize we don’t need a bunch of THINGS to define us. Finally we get smart. 😉

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