Oneohtrix Point Never

one of the reasons I blog about music is, that music is my main passion.

photography second, and film third.

I’m also a passionate music appreciation person.
i.e. I made myself listen to a ‘Tiesto’ album yesterday. LOL !

Oneohtrix Point Never is yet another very talented and interesting artist.

I first noticed him when he released and  album on Warp called R Plus Seven.


I’ve just listened to all of his albums, and it was both challenging and enjoyable.

as a kid I was exposed to a lot of different music like the soundtrack to The Pajama Game & Engelbert Humperdinck…then as a teenager, I was exposed to classical music and also jazz. since that time mu appreciation of music goes far and wide.

I listen to a hell of a lot of electronic music, as it’s my main stay when out and about on the mp3 player….kind of like a soundtrack to ‘life’ as sedge808.

his music is very difficult to pin-down, in that there is such a mix of styles, one cannot name one (apart from electronic).


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