What is “Seattle armpits” please?

i was txting a friend the other day…

…and it was a day here…

…that was particularly humid and hot.

I was saying that: it was so muggy that there would be a lot of sweaty armpits around the place, including myself.

then I got a txt back saying: What is “Seattle armpits” please?


when I checked my phone, it had chosen ‘Seattle instead of ‘Sweaty’ LOL !!!!


have you ever had this happen to you ????

if yes, would you like to share/comment your experiences of this rather funny/odd thing that happens.


26 responses to “What is “Seattle armpits” please?

  1. I live in the Seattle area, and “Seattle armpits” would be women with dreadlocks in their pits. The same would apply for “Portland, Oregon pits.”

    And don’t tell anyone, but “it’s always damp and raining in Seattle” is misinformation we spread to keep too many people from moving here.

  2. I worked in a mental health facility as a therapist and case manager. A number of the younger employees, unaware of the tricks played by spell correct, sent emails off to the Psychiatrist we worked with whose first name was Stuart. In each of these E-mails spell correct changed the doctors first name to stud! Fortunately he had a sense of humor.

  3. Love this look. Couldn t do it myself I have silly levels of allergy but would imagine its like wearing sexy underwear under staid business suit you go around with a secret smile on all day. Wonderful idea thank you for sharing

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