15 thoughts on “singer

      1. I’m Not. Alex and I are going to see a Neurosurgeon Monday. I’m so full of this love. Everything changed when Alex made me a mom.
        Then all this sickness and life and then here I fell on this doorstep of WP.
        Thank you for answering this feeble knock on your door.
        Your photos captured me, I was/am black and white in my life! It meant safety! NOW!!!! I go with my soul when I’m flying on the wings of faith!
        This all makes sense…..
        I love your course in miracles….we need one. She’s blind in her right eye and now a blur in her left. Sorry to share so openly and candid but I turned my comments off because I needed to focus so here I am my friend! Thank you for your friendship! It’s like gold!
        I’m on google now and I thought I was going to lose all of this! This is my momma heart sharing! My girl is learning some deep deep truths about THE TRUTH for her. Isn’t that so amazing…how the truth is blurry? I hope she sees it with all her spirit and being! Sorry I’m so deep! I didn’t start this walk talking about birds and flowers but we can, thus and so I will but mostly I’m REAL! Thank God for that! I’m candid if nothing that’s for sure! 😀 ❤ I love how sweet you have become to my heart~ 😀 ❤

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