glenside mental hospital

my grandmother died in here in 1949.

21 responses to “glenside mental hospital

  1. Wow, these are totally stunning! I would give anything to go in there for a day- with my camera of course. God knows I’ve seen my share of psych. wards to last a lifetime. The wide angle gives these shots a nice touch. Keen eye- really great collection. x

      • Oh I know. I’ve studied that stuff (in school). Back then, they put people in cages and left them there for 2 days and often longer- without food or bathroom breaks. It was completely inhumane. Your poor grandma. I hope she was treated better!

      • Oh dear…well, if anything could have pushed her in that direction, it’s certainly that place. I have a lot of (psych ward) stories on my side of the family too. LOADS.

  2. Great shots, and emotional history relating to your grandmother. Suicide is so difficult for survivors to live with…the effects must trickle down through generations…

  3. Beautiful eerie compositions. The personal context creates a powerful haunting post. Courageous post. All the best. 🙂

    Here in (Ontario)Canada, I feel like we made one step forward and two back. We have improved conditions and created group homes & other facilities, then using the public’s perception based on the past, various governments justify cost cutting measures shutting down/reducing the number of facilities. We set people “free” with little or no support – many become homeless ( think Canadian winters). They put a strain on hospitals or fall afoul with the law and end up jailed where they have no support for their health needs( Asylum all over again).

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