she said her life was like a motorway…dull, grey, and long ’til he came along.

i’ve often thought i was born in the wrong country, because 90% of the music i listen to is english.

Saint Etienne are as english as chips & egg.

the lyrics are not universal, as they are connected to the UK…so they are intrinsically english.

Sarah Cracknell‘s voice is also very english,
just as much as Dusty Springfield‘s voice is english.

Saint Etienne is the music of happiness

i would find i terribly difficult to recommend any ‘one’ album, because i like them all.

Tiger Bay  is a fab album and a good place to start.


He’s gone
He’s gone

She wears her jeans, torn at the waistband.
Her pretty face, is stained with tears.
And in her right hand, she clasps a letter
I know this means, that he has gone.

And in this town, of mis-guided tourists,
She never thought, she’d fall in love.
It was a few days, after her birthday,
The thrill hostess, gave her first kiss.

He’s gone, he’s gone.

He said her skin, smelled just like petals,
Said stupid things, he knew she’d like.
She said her life, was like a motorway:
Dull, grey, and long ’til he came along.

He’s gone, he’s gone.

I said “How could, he ever leave you?
You two were good, you were so right.”
She said “I wish, that he just left me;
He’d be alive, alive tonight.”

He’s gone, he’s gone.
He’s gone, he’s gone.
He’s gone, he’s gone.

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