une femme mariée

this film is one of the better films i watched during the holidays.

it is made by the amazing Jean-Luc Godard

it’s about a married woman who has an affair.

Macha Méril is very beautiful in this film.

in many ways this is one of the films that represent my sexuality, as it it filmed in a way that only shows part of what is going on.

i.e. hands, arms & legs.

i’m someone who can only cope with very gentile touch…

…my idea of sex is holding hands or hugging (affection). lol.

i find sex scenes in ordinary films difficult to watch. i feel embarrassed, as if i’m seeing something i’m not meant to.

it’s different if the film is specifically about sex i.e. Nymphomaniac: Volume I & Nymphomaniac: Volume II

my favourite scene is the scene where she plays the records and they chase each other around the apartment.


6 responses to “une femme mariée

  1. At some point in my adult life, sex scenes in regular movies toppled into another realm…thank goodness for choice! I have mistakenly had my adult kids with me in movies that took a downward turn…now THAT is embarrassing😳

  2. I agree. I neither need to see that. I feel that generally these are passages which are not needed in the continuity of the movies stories. I will watch the movie.

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