ken ishii

ken ishii (ケン・イシイ) is a japanese techno dj and producer from sapporo. he graduated from hitotsubashi university. he has released work under his own name as well as under the pseudonyms: flr, flare, utu, yoga, and rising sun.

strongly influenced by detroit techno, ken ishii had his first release on richie hawtin’s label
plus 8. he composed the music for the opening ceremonies to the 1998 winter olympics in nagano.
he provided a track for the 2001 video game rez by sega: creation the state of art which is the music used in the third level of the normal game, as well as arranging some tracks for the soundtrack release to the game lsd. his track “let it all ride” has also been used in the psp video game lumines ii.

ken ishii is one of my all time favourite musicians.
yes. i’m 48 years old and i love dance/techno/house music.
that will never change.

he so inivative and so fresh. i have nearly all his works 🙂

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