music (1 of 3) jazz

jazz is one of my fave music(s).
i like all kinds of jazz from modern to
jelly roll morton. I have a massive collection. piano jazz is my fave.
it’s probably blasphemous to say, but I’m very fond of Keith Jarrett.
i have most of his stuff, but not all (there is so much)

this concert is the bomb.

ken burns did a fab doco to:

13 thoughts on “music (1 of 3) jazz

  1. It’s Jazz Festival week here in Portland! Concerts and Conversations all over the place. 94 year-old Gerald Wilson conducted a high school all-star band last night that was fabulous. We’re going to hear Nancy King next Sunday afternoon, and Esperanza Spalding Sunday evening.

  2. Well, i already told you @flickr that i am also a jazz fan. And yes i also enjoy the jazz from its early roots to its latest developments. Jazz learned me to (also) develop my musical taste against the tide and to be interested in roots and history. I started with Miles Davis and his 70’s albums; the time i’ve got interest in Jazz and (good) music in general.He learned me a lot of names. I started to follow all the guys who played with him ….. Well they were with many :lol And so i also started to go back in time and listened to what came first. Kind of Blue of course … though i also have a lot of sympathy for Sketches of Spain. Well i hardly know an (main) album that i haven’t listened.
    Others which i admire : the Duke (so many melodies in ones head, unbelievable !) , Charles Mingus (such creativity !) , John Coltrane (yeah when you love the sax, you love John :D), but also Ella Fitzgerald, Thelonious Monk (the piano guy) and many many others (Art Blakey at the drums f.e. I once saw him in a club in my place of birth. Very impressive personality) :lol

    And jazz also learned me to go back to the blues and become a blues lover. Would love to be a blues pianist. Have tried at later age to learn a bit the piano, but my bones are already too stiff. I’ve got kind of rsi complaints so pitty enough …..

    But i still enjoy my music (again look at (still many many other styles :D)

    Cheers !

  3. ohhh, i forgot to say i also do love Keith Jarett. Since my student time i listened mainly to the Köln Concert, but i have made acquaintance in the meantime with other albums too. As far as i know him , he has no real constant (high) quality. But at his best he is very good !

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